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    The wedding you’ve always dreamed of finally comes true

An Italian Wedding, your greatest dream

Following my motto “Italian Heart, New York Style” I will make sure to create a “home away from home” for your big day, with all the delicacies and wonderful views of a true Italian experience!

Kind words from the brides

  • Thank you so much to Silvia and all her staff! Organizing a wedding is a real challenge!

    Silvia, with her sweetness and her professionalism has clarified all of our doubts! Ever since our first phone call it felt as if we had known each other for ages, a true friend! Her precious words have made all our anxieties and doubts disappear!

    We put ourselves completely in her hands for the entire organization of our wedding! I will forever remember the moment when my husband and I arrived to the location, and before our eyes was everything we had been planning for a whole year. We were speechless, everything was perfect, just like we had always imagined it!

    Thank you for all the original ideas, thank you for understanding our style, thank you for making our day special and unique! Thank you!


    Giulia Monni
  • Thanks to Sivlia and her staff, our wedding became a really unique and special event!

    The styling was simply wonderful and exclusively custom-made, every moment of the day was planned by Silvia to the smallest details and the result was extraordinary! An unforgettable day, which was organized at a distance nonetheless.

    A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Silvia for their reliability and professionalism!


    Martina Salvi
  • A big thank you to Silvia for how she was able to flawlessly realize our wedding.

    Thanks to your commitment, your professionalism, your kindness, your love and your attention to every detail you've made our day perfect!

    Thank you for your friendship Silvia!


    Maria Grazia Torrisi
  • Every one of our guests complimented us for the original organization and the professionalism of Silvia's staff. Precision, punctuality and care for details have made our wedding special!

    Kairos Weddings met our needs and enriched the ceremony with its innovative ideas. We were very happy and satisfied of its great organization both before and during the wedding day.

    Roberta De Nicola

Silvia Amoruso Wedding Planner

Hopelessly romantic, I love everything refined and harmonic. Loyal and determined, what people like most about me is my everlasting smile and endless energy!

Silvia Amoruso

Make your wedding unique and special

Ask now for a personalized consultation for your wedding day, with the Silvia Amoruso Wedding Planner you’ll find the best solution for a really unforgettable day!

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