About Me

My name is Silvia Amoruso and nothing makes me happier than planning weddings (apart from a tray full of cupcakes).

Madly in love with the American wedding style, I help brides make their dream of a wedding as unique and extraordinary as the view from the Empire State Building, but as romantic as a gondola ride among the canals of Venice come true.

When it comes to planning the most beautiful day of your life, I know it's not always easy to compromise, and I also know you want the best for your wedding in both quality and expertise. I've seen too many ideas used over and over again during my career, too much imperfection; that is why I've decided to specialize in weddings where one of the main values is originality.

#ItalianHeartNewyorkStyle is my motto, because it represents everything I care most about: my child dreams, tied to my traditions and to the woman I have become today, with my limitless curiosity and insatiable desire of for being fascinated by beautiful things.

Working with my partners in Rome and Italy at large, I will be able to create the wedding you have always dreamed of, surrounded by the romantic landscapes of the Italian countryside while feasting on our world-renowned cuisine.

My aim is for you to have an incredible Roman Holiday, like the one Audrey Hepburn spent with Gregory Peck, and make you feel like a real princess.





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