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My new services dedicated to couples that want to celebrate a destination wedding in Italy.

  • Are you dreaming of an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy?
  • Are you confused about where to start planning your destination wedding?
  • Concerned about the complicated paperwork of getting married in Italy and the challenges of planning a wedding at a distance when you don't speak the language?
  • Worried about whether the wedding venues you find online will really look that good in person?

If so, it's not your fault! Planning a destination wedding in Italy is a lot of work and it's normal to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

If you're like most brides planning a destination wedding, you're probably spending long hours researching destination weddings in Italy online and asking for advice from other brides.  Relying on websites, reviews and online wedding planning timelines seems like the best way to get the inspiration you need to plan your dream wedding in Italy.

But even after all this research, you end up confused and overwhelmed by all the options and you still don't know where to start!  It's easy to waste money and your precious time dealing with wedding professionals and venues that don't live up to expectations.

What you really need is to discover the perfect wedding style and venue to match your unique personality first.  Then you can avoid the confusion and stress of trying to figure out where to start and who to trust, so planning your wedding will become simple and fun.

Schedule your free Italian Wedding Insider Secrets consultation with me and learn how to plan a wedding that's “really you” with the unparalleled romance and culture of Italy. Just a quick conversation will ease your mind and let you know if I'm the right match to help make your wedding dreams become a reality.

You'll learn exactly where to start planning your destination wedding and how to navigate the paperwork of getting married in Italy.

You'll be able to find and hire the best venue and professionals so that you can celebrate your love with your closest family and friends surrounded by the food, wine, culture and the unparalleled romance of Italy.


I know that these are the characteristics that most fascinate you about Italy, and I guarantee that your wedding will reflect all the magic that our sun and our hillscapes can provide; and above all, it will reflect you!

When I talk about “Italian Heart, New York Style”, in fact, I refer to my philosophy: perfectly blend the Italian culture with the fresh and modern style coming from the United States. I respect your origin and traditions, and I want to enrich your Italian experience with unforgettable emotions that will speak of your own story. Getting married in Italy will undoubtedly be the highlight of your wedding day, but you and your guests will live an incredible experience made of flavors, landscapes, magic atmospheres and wedded bliss.

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